Never underestimate the use of sidewalks or walkways. These ways are not merely for walking to where you want to go without stepping on grass it also ensures that the appeal of your curb is spot on.  

As we all know, sidewalks or walkways that are made of concrete are often plain and gray and can be boring to the eyes however there are certain alternatives to make sure that your sidewalks or walkways don’t look as ordinary as they should.  

In the United States, concrete has been the choice for many when it comes to a material that can be easily decorated. It has been raved by designers through its flexibility when it comes to being colored, molded or stained and it can be a great way to personalize a property.  

Through concrete’s versatility, there have been many techniques known to make your property shine. Here are few ways to make your property uniquely your own. 

1. Stamped 

When it comes to popularity, stamped concrete is on top for a reason. If you are bored at how walkway or sidewalk patterns come from bricks, flagstone, slate or even patterns from wood planking then you are in for a unique twist when it comes to stamped concrete. Through stamped concrete, you have the option to blend it to the elements that is found in your home or property. You also have the option to intermingle it with chemical staining or even with other decorative treatments for concrete.  

2. Stenciled 

This method uses stencils made of disposable paper to make stone patterns or brick patterns or any pattern of choice. Since this method mask a surface underneath, it appears more realistic because there are joints in between the pattern made. This can be done through the application of dry shake which is a color hardener to the concrete that has been exposed before the removal of the stencil used or placed. Since stencils come in various patterns, you can be more creative and even merge patterns that may blend together nicely if you want.  

3. Exposed Aggregate 

If you think that sidewalks have pebble like structures for appearance alone, then you should reevaluate the design’s purpose again. Sidewalks have texture to not only emphasize the pattern the designer want to appear but also to avoid a slippery surface. In order to achieve the effects of decorative purpose in the walkway or sidewalk you want to make, expose the aggregate in your concrete to get the best results. You can also enhance your results through using stones of different colors and mixing areas that have both smooth and aggregate finish to have better texture.  

4. Colored 

Color not only enhances appeal it also enhances a designer’s creativity. If you think gray sidewalks and walkways are boring, you can do something about it now. Using chemical stains, dry shake hardeners or integral color create tonal effects that are complex and beautiful.  

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