Energy-Efficient Roofing Ideas for Your Residential Property

Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness have been vital trends when constructing urban developments and office buildings. However, the normal property owner is finally starting to apply green building elements into their home’s construction and design. When you are searching for economically friendly ideas, below are some of the best options and tips that you can consider: 

Cool roofs 

A few of the most famous cool roofing systems for flat roofs utilize a white membrane that prevents heat emission and reflects sun rays to keep rooftop temperatures and cooling costs down. But keeping the heat out could be an issue for folks who live in colder climates.  

Solar tubes 

Solar tubes can possibly help you gather natural light and save on your energy bills as an alternative to skylights. They begin with a plastic dome on your roof, then a tube will funnel sunlight into any space or area utilizing extremely reflective fixtures. Moreover, solar tubes can give sufficient light that you do not need to utilize overhead lights and lamps. Moreover, when the sun’s usually out, other models are incorporated with LEDs to give light when the weather seems grey.  

Integrated solar technology 

Solar panels have been more popular as a roof adornment for a homeowner who’s economically conscious and particular. Although, several issues can occur especially if it’s installed improperly, which is sadly pretty usual. If you don’t want to do that, then you can consider film solar as an alternative way to collect solar energy. Manufacturers have added photovoltaic solar cells into different roofing products that are costly now, however, they will be available to the mainstream soon. If you want to avail of solar panels near me, check out this link.  

Avoiding runoff 

Several eco-roofing firms have considered runoff and drainage containment systems for vegetated roofs. They utilize special rubber edging to prevent rain from draining out of the plants and soil. In this way, the runoff that can pollute our waterways can be prevented. A living roof with such systems can preserve half of the yearly rainfall. However, you will certainly have to guarantee that the membranes will still be in great condition since pooling water has been the roof’s arch-nemesis always.   

Looking for the ideal plants 

Living roof experts have been concentrating more and more on the selection of plants. Until just recently, plants for green roofs were selected without any real climate consideration. As of the moment, horticulturalists are collaborating with green roofing contractors to select plants that are naturally found in the region, hence, needing minimal care. Moreover, scientists have developed grasses that are more resistant to drought, which makes a living roof simpler to keep up especially during drier climates.  

Vegetated/living roofs 

A living roof is among the most beautiful and most favored green roof option for you. However, it’s more challenging to pull it off than it seems. When you are aiming for a simple way to plant a roofing garden, you can choose to ask a green roofing contractor to help you out.