If businesses with boring and plain concrete flooring are considering to improve the longevity and look of their flooring, then the ideal solution for that would be concrete coating installation. Similar to residential properties, commercial buildings can also take advantage of epoxy concrete coatings. To know how you can benefit from this, check the following items below: 

Improved safety 

Epoxy flooring is a good option for commercial settings since it enhances the work environment’s safety by making a flooring solution that’s resistant to fire, heat, slipping, and impact. Moreover, such highly glossed epoxy coatings can brighten a working area even more.  


In contrast to what several people believe, concrete coatings are a basic and ordinary flooring alternative, which has the application goes fay over industrial properties and other warehouses. As a matter of fact, epoxy coatings can be utilized to give an aesthetic appeal for commercial flooring. Epoxy is made out if colored acrylic flakes, which come in an extensive range of color mixtures. Business owners have the chance to choose basic custom epoxy floor bends or color options. Moreover, the floors can be arranged into designs and patterns that allow owners to tailor the floor color and patterns, which enables owners to tailor the color and floor pattern for them to enhance the workplace’s appeal and ambiance and match their branding.  


Among the most cost-effective flooring alternatives, an epoxy concrete coating is included. Actually, the epoxy coating’s cost per square foot is hard to beat once compared to some popular options for your commercial flooring. Since concrete coatings can be directly applied over concrete flooring, the costs of installation aren’t that costly compared to other types of flooring options available. Out of all the concrete coating’s advantages, the most appealing and significant benefit to brand owners would be its affordability.  

Resistant to moisture 

Basically, epoxy is a waterproof coating. Owning a moisture-resistant floor can be advantageous for a lot of businesses due to several reasons. With the help of concrete coatings, your floor won’t be prone to stains anymore because the surface contains non-porous properties. Because of the epoxy concrete coating’s water-resistant properties, they stop water from harming the subfloor and the development of mold. Businesses such as Laundromats, medical facilities, bathrooms, and kitchens can benefit from applying concrete coatings to their floors.  

Durable against wear and tear 

It’s difficult to look for a flooring alternative that’s not just as durable but also as affordable as concrete coatings. Concrete floors can easily chip and crack especially when the surface is affected hard enough. Not only that, but solid concrete floors will also display wear and tear in areas with high-traffic. But, business owners can secure their floors from regular wear and tear by applying concrete coatings. If this is done, it makes any surface resistant to deterioration. Epoxy coatings can prevent your commercial floors from flaws such as surface abrasion, staining, and chipping.  

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